Frequently Asked Questions

Grill Stations & Outdoor Kitchen FAQ's:

Why is one leg notched?

Only the leg that supports the grill opening is notched. This is done to ensure the weight of the grill does not cause cracking in the concrete top. If no grill is adjacent, the full leg will be used.

How much does the unit weigh?

The Latrobe weighs approximately 800lbs for all base components, not including accessories and grill. Different configurations will have varying weights.

What are my color choices?

We offer 5 basic colors (see color chart). Custom colors are available, contact us for pricing. 

Can I have natural stone on my front/ back vertical surface?

Yes, we can provide a scratched panel that has texture to veneer with stone.

Can I assemble this myself?

We recommend a competent construction professional perform the assembly. The pieces are relatively heavy and requires a level above a typical 'home owner'. It does not require a concrete specialist.

Can I have an electrical outlet?

Yes, an opening can be cut in the panel for an electrical box to be installed by a qualified person.

What accessories can I incorporate?

The panels are thin and can be cut with a hand grinder fitted with a diamond blade. Any multitude of accessories, panels, doors, outlets, grills, burners, etc. can be installed. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Can I put a logo into the panel?

Yes, we can customize any component. Contact us for pricing.